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The Dinwiddie County Chamber of Commerce Membership Team is the back-bone of our organization. Working tirelessly to bring its members great perks and benefits through other members, Dinwiddie County partnerships, Tri-Cities partnerships and partnerships all over the Commonwealth.

Dinwiddie County Chamber of Commerce maintains membership in the Virginia Chamber of Commerce on behalf of our membership. All members are invited to become involved with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce on behalf and through our membership. Events, news and media items are shared with our membership through our Facebook page, web-site and newsletters.

The Virginia Chamber of Commerce links us to the US Chamber of Commerce through their membership and we are kept abreast of national items of concern and importance. These items are passed on to our members and members are invited to participate in events of interest to them.

Chamber Membership has many benefits:

  • Free and low-cost marketing / sponsorship opportunities
  • Membership labels and listing available for free download
  • Member discounts at participating member businesses
  • Bi-Monthly (minimum) newsletter via e-mail
  • Use of our Chamber Office / Event Room – FREE of charge
  • Free event sharing
  • Postings of jobs and events on our website
  • Chamber Membership Guide listing and FREE guides to handout (in progress)
  • Showcase your business at a Membership Meeting
  • Contractor and Sales Opportunities through Crater Planning Procurement Office (PTAC)
  • Monthly Membership Meetings
  • Local, regional, state and national seminars, information sharing, postings and updates shared through e-mail

Dinwiddie County Chamber of Commerce is home to over 75 local businesses and growing rapidly! Become a part of it all!


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