Join a Team!

The Dinwiddie County Chamber of Commerce is run by a TEAM of volunteers from the business community. We’ve all heard the phrase: Together – Everyone – Achieves – More! The chamber has adopted this belief and is on purpose to accomplish great things. If you want to be a part of the great projects and programs that the chamber has adopted, we invite you to join one of our TEAMs. If you would like to participate and work with one of the TEAMs below, email the TEAM leader for their scheduled meeting time and date.

Membership TEAM

If you’re interested in making the most of chamber membership and getting the best bang for your buck, the membership team may be the perfect place for you! The membership team is looking for folks who want to add value to their chamber experience whether it’s through special member programs, membership discounts or recruiting speakers who can share relevant and worthwhile business tips and information.

The Membership TEAM is led by Ben McGovern.

Education & Workforce Development TEAM

If you’re in business, you’d probably agree that having trained and responsible employees is what ALL employers seek in job applicants. The Education and Workforce Development TEAM knows best when it comes to employer needs and frustrations. One of the goals of the team is to partner with local high schools and support their efforts in developing a young workforce. The TEAM is also excited about offering continuing education programs such as Customer Service Training workshops.

The Education & Workforce Development TEAM is led by Joy Marshall.

Government Relations TEAM

The Government Relations TEAM keeps the chamber members abreast of business related topics that affect Dinwiddie County businesses. The team regularly attends the Dinwiddie County Board of Supervisors meetings and stays in direct contact with the County Administrator and Director of Economic Development. The team also stays on top of government issues at the local, state, and national levels that directly impact businesses in Dinwiddie County. If you are passionate about the role of government and its impact on business, join the Government Relations TEAM!

The Government TEAM is led by Rosemary Osteen.

Special Tasks & Events TEAM

If you like event planning, special tasks, organizing and coordinating, then the Special Tasks & Events TEAM may be the perfect group for you! One of the upcoming events for this TEAM is the annual Dinwiddie Christmas Parade…if you’re feeling that holly-jolly spirit, join in the Fun!

The Special Tasks TEAM is led by Joy Marshall.

Public Relations TEAM

Join the Public Relations TEAM if you want to create a buzz about the chamber in the community. The public relations team is responsible for website development, advertising and marketing, fundraising efforts and a host of other things that represent the chamber in the community.

The Public Relations TEAM is led by Cari Simmons.

Finance TEAM

Calling ALL analytical-math-minded people! Do you LOVE numbers, budgets and the bottom line? If you’re a math-guru or like accounting, then the Finance Team would love to have you on board. The chamber of commerce is a non-profit organization and requires a TEAM of sound financial decision-makers…if this fits you, join the TEAM!

The Finance TEAM is led by Bill Collins.